Female Senators Hope to Fill the Gap in the Next Presidential Election


In the midst of a heated political climate, three female Democrats have stepped forward with the intention of running for president, and they come with high hopes and a fierce confidence. Senator Kamala Harris of California, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have all expressed their understanding for a need for women in politics, and have thus shown interest in filling those gaps. These women are looking to takeover the presidential role, while hundreds of other hope to fill a seat in Congress. A majority of the polls look favorably among women leading the vote. Having multiple women could have a strong impact in the political dynamic of election season, and offer a reflective voice in how we view women in politics.

Discussion Question

Why do you think women are becoming more involved in politics in recent years? Do you think as many women would get involved if already had a female president or not?

Further Reading

Click here to watch Senator Kamala Harris’s intense interrogation of Brett Kavanaugh.

Action Item

Start researching these candidates and make a conclusion as to whether you want these people in the oval office. If not, find a female candidate that you support.

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