Female Venture Capitalist Holds Insight for Investors


Andrea Hippeau, principal at Lerer Hippeau, a NYC-based venture capital fund, started her path to success by working in corporate sales at Thomson Reuters. Hippeau attended Columbia Business School where she worked on small projects before moving into high-level investments. Hippeau describes her work at Lerer Hippeau as person-based instead of focused on “metrics.” She states that her investing decisions begin with the passion the client holds for their company, and she argues that this is the key to creating a good business. Hippeau is focused on the humanity in success and encourages anyone looking to start a business to be themselves despite the tendency to be clouded by sales and income. Her fund reportedly invests in the most female-run businesses to date, which highly contrasts most venture capitalists who have only reported 2.2% investment in female-run businesses.


For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Hippeau argues that there must be more women at the partner level in venture capital to diversify the workplace. What do you think needs to be done to encourage women to pursue careers in finance?


Action Item:

Check out Smart Women Securities, a website for college women to learn about money and investing.



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