F​eminism: A Hope for the Future


To celebrate the 100-year mark since women gained the right to vote, Young Women’s Trust—a charity in the UK dedicated to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged young women—has launched a campaign to discuss a positive plan of action for this new wave of feminism and equal rights. They are asking women to submit their own ideas for change via Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #HowFar100. The campaign has quickly gained traction, with women sharing photos inclusive of their identities and showing how much more inclusive feminism needs to be. Halima Aden, a Somali-American model and activist, pointed out on her Instagram the ever-present stereotypes of Muslim women and the need for accessible sanitary products. Aden, proud of her identity, body, and cause, can be an inspiration to all those underrepresented.


For further reading:

Need more details on #HowFar100? Never fear! The Young Women's Trust put together a handy information packet.


Discussion Question:

The project seeks to collect ideas "across all categories - from economics to politics, science to family life. No idea is too big or small," to progress for a better future for women. What are some small changes that could be made to achieve equality? 


Action Item:

Post your own #HowFar100 photo with your idea. Submissions can also be made by emailing: howfar100@youngwomenstrust.org or by tweeting or Instagramming a response with the hashtag. 


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