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Feminists Response to Kavanaugh's Nomination


For the past few weeks, many feminists have reacted to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination in a very negative light, as many of the allegations against him suggest that his nomination could spell the end of an equal government. Influential women such as Linda Sarsour, Jamia Wilson, and Gloria Allred have all independently stated that this event is a great casualty to the feminist movement in American government. Many of these women have strongly urged that his nomination will signal a conservative era in our government, all of which is detrimental to the feminist movement. However, they also urge women to take action on the issues that matter to them.

For Further Reading:

Click here to read Jamia Wilson’s take on why protesting in a civil society is important.


Discussion Question:

Do you see Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court candidacy as a threat to equality? What are some other things in Congress that may contribute to this?


Action Item:

As November 6th comes approaching at full speed, many young feminists are left to wonder of what they can do to help. The answer… Vote! Make your voice heard in a society that seems to silence us. Nominate the people actively rooting for equality and gender rights in your community and our collective society.



Read more on The Guardian | Image: Jonathan Ernst/ Reuters

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