Femtech and the Innovation in Women’s Health Products


Female-focused technology, or femtech, is a branch of innovative technology that focuses on women’s health. Apps such as Moody and Elvie are paving the way for a market of products that focus on women’s health issues often ignored and silenced by taboo. Portable and easy technologies that track hormone changes during periods, provide guided training for pelvic floor strengthening, or discrete cordless breast pumps are among some of the innovations that femtech has launched in the past few years. Healthcare technology has historically been male-focused and male-designed, but femtech is changing that, prioritizing women’s health and wellbeing.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Do you think a lack of tech innovation in the women’s health field can be considered a sexist practice?


Action Item

You can support and find out more about the world of femtech on the FemTech Collective website here.

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