First Female Bricklaying Apprentice Breaks Boundaries for Tasmania


Chelsea Whelan is Tasmania’s first woman to enroll in a bricklaying apprenticeship. After working in many different fields, Whelan decided that her original goal was what she needed to be investing her time in. Late last year, Whelan enrolled in her apprenticeship where she follows in the footsteps of her father and grandfather before her. In terms of gender discrimination on the job, she said that she does not see any mistreatment but has experienced “weird looks” from her male coworkers. Her mentor, Andrew Crossin, said Whelan came along when he was struggling to keep up with demand and found an interest in incorporating more women on site. As the first woman to take up the apprenticeship, Whelan has inspired many young women around her community to work in the field.


For Further Reading:

Read the full interview with direct quotes from Chelsea Whelan here.


Discussion Question:

What are some ways to encourage young women to step out of their comfort zones when searching for jobs?


Action Item:

Take a workshop that is out of your comfort zone to explore a different trade!



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