Florence Chua Soars Through Glass Ceiling to Chief of Police


Florence Chua, a 52-year-old hockey lover from Singapore, received the title of Chief of Police at the city-state’s highly recognized Criminal Investigation Department. Chua is humble about her achievements, arguing that many women came before her to break the “glass ceiling” once apparent in the community’s police force. She notes that her drive and fervor for bringing justice to her community stems from a number of violent crimes she witnessed while on the job. Though proud of her progression in the force, she stands strong on the idea that her achievements were not driven by gender but by ensuring justice and peace of mind for loved ones impacted by heinous crimes.


For Further Reading:

To read about Chua’s achievements in high-level criminal cases, read this article. Also, information on her influential work with the Singapore police on counterfeit products can be found in this article, while her work with domestic protests is reported on here.


Discussion Question:

Chua feels that her gender should not be added to the equation when talking about her achievements. As she notes, things like “first female” are thrown around every day. Could taking away this label prevent gender stereotyping in underrepresented fields?


Action Item:

Practice using gender-neutral career terms this week like “police officer” rather than “police man.”


Read more on The Straits Times| Image: Kelvin Chng

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