Florine Hofmann: Zero-Waste Blogger

Florine Hofmann is a sustainable lifestyle blogger, multimedia design student and marketing manager at grünBAG. She runs a blog called “The Wasted Blog,” in which she shares her journey towards a Zero Waste lifestyle in a sustainable manner. She is a foodie and creativity enthusiast with a serious love for education, fair fashion and travel.

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Make Muse: Who are you and what do you do?!

Florine: My name is Florine, I am a German living in Denmark, a sustainable lifestyle blogger, multimedia design student and marketing manager at grünBAG, which is a Danish company producing bags out of recycled materials.

Make Muse: What sparked your interest in conscious consumerism and led you to start your blog? Was there one particular moment or experience?

Florine: I have always been interested in healthy eating and sustainability from a health perspective. I have, however, never considered the amount of trash I generate beyond recycling. When I saw a video of Lauren Singer living a Zero Waste lifestyle in New York, I felt so inspired that I wanted to change and adapt to a Zero Waste lifestyle within a day. This was clearly unrealistic and once I realized that this lifestyle is more about gradually creating habit for habit, I started my blog to document my journey. Since then, I have learned so much about environmental issues, fair fashion and myself in general that I could never imagine going back to the life I was leading before, it was a true game changer.

Photo by Florine Hoffman

Photo by Florine Hoffman

Make Muse: You make sustainability fun and focus on topics like food and travel. How to stay lighthearted when discussing a serious topic?

Florine: To me, the wonderful thing about Zero Waste is that it is not focused on the heaviness of environmental issues. We all are aware of the fact that change needs to happen and Zero Waste offers a fun and sustainable lifestyle option that promotes and creates change from a grassroots level up to legislation changes. I mean how fantastic is that.

In my daily life, I focus on the progress I have made, not the “failures”. Every change implemented is a positive achievement and achieving my goals automatically makes me happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Make Muse: You have a serious travel bug! Where have been some of your favorite places to go? What cities have been the most sustainability-friendly?

Florine: Well, as a true German, I can’t help but acknowledge the amazing sustainability initiative in my country. You can find unpackaged fruits and vegetables in any supermarket and there are more bulk shops popping up by the week.

I also recently went to Geneva and visited one of the most beautiful bulk shops I have ever seen with an abundance of Zero Waste goods, definitely a favorite.

As you can probably tell, my focus revolves around food, so any place that has healthy package-free food options, sign me up!

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Make Muse:  You took the plunge and now live a zero-waste lifestyle. How did you transition to fully no-waste?

Florine: By implementing one habit at a time. It is simply not sustainable to do it all in one night - and believe me, I have tried.  Changing my lifestyle is a process and I embraced it as such. To me, living Zero Waste does not mean I am perfect in my trash avoidance. It means I am striving to do better every day.

Make Muse: Tell us about your involvement in the Ethical Writers & Creatives group.

Florine: The Ethical Writers & Creatives coalition is a blessing in the skies for everyone interested in sustainability and blogging thereof. In this group of incredible and inspiring people, I learn everything I need to know about working with sustainable brands, we share interesting material and articles and support one another in times of doubt or frustration. Being part of this amazing group of writers and creatives has uplifted me and helped me create better my content for my readers.

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Make Muse: How do you overlap a lot of the issues that encompass conscious consumerism- sustainability, ethics, female empowerment, etc.?

Florine: I write about what personally interests me and affects me, what I feel is relevant and what I occupy my time with on a regular basis. I collaborate with brands I think are worth mentioning but beyond that, I curate based on my gut feeling.

Make Muse:  Have you noticed more brands or initiatives combining feminism and sustainability?

Florine: I have noticed more brands highlighting the fact that they do, which I find absolutely wonderful.At grünBAG, the company I work at now, the staff is predominantly female on every level of the company, which is refreshing to see.

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Photo by Florine Hofmann

Make Muse: Do you see more females or males advocating for sustainability?

Florine: When I look at  sustainability bloggers, I definitely see a higher percentage of women advocates. I am inspired everyday by women creating change and paving the way to a more sustainable future but I also think there is room for a more diverse field of representation when it comes to promoting sustainability online.

Make Muse: How were you involved in past years and this year?

Florine: This year, I am highlighting sustainable brands that I have been loving and following throughout the past year. I am a big fan of preloved goods, which is why I will also be giving my readers a little glimpse into my capsule wardrobe.

Make Muse: What advice would you give to your followers to live more sustainability?

Florine: Something that motivates me to make sustainable lifestyle choices is the thought that buying means voting. With every purchase I make, I decide whether this item should be part of this highly saturated marked or not. Supply adjusts to demand and if I choose sustainable options, more sustainable options will be created to accommodate my needs in the future.

Photo by Shereen Zangana

Photo by Shereen Zangana

Make Muse:  What do you foresee in your future, specifically with advocating for sustainability? Do you have any goals you are seeking to achieve?

Florine: This year for me is about personal development. I am currently doing a challenge a month where I am trying to create a habit that I can possibly stick to within the timeframe of a month. In terms of advocating sustainability, I am currently very interested into the subject of Fair/Sustainable Fashion and will be volunteering at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May to be a fly on the wall and learn more.

Make Muse:  What is your dream sustainable brand to work with and why?

Florine: I might be biased but the company I currently work for is pretty much the perfect model of a Zero Waste business. In this company, products are made of upcycled waste material from, for example, the tarpaulin production. I have so much respect for the founder and owner of the company, Helen Leegaard, who is a badass entrepreneur with a vision for change and the determination to create a fair and comfortable working environment for everyone employed at the company.