Food & Wine Magazine Names the Most Powerful Women in Culinary World


Among the most powerful women in business today are a number of heads of popular food companies such as Hershey, Starbucks, and Land O Lakes. Three women ranked in the top 50 on Forbes’ most powerful women in business list run these successful companies. At number 42 is Michele Buck, the president and CEO of Hershey's, who is an advocate for healthy snacking and has helped the company buy the popular brand Skinny Pop. Number 33 on the list is Starbucks’ Roz Brewer, the group President, who turned around their sales in less than a year. Lastly, Beth Ford, LGBTQ+ community activist and leader of Land O Lakes, is the first openly gay female to head the company. Ford’s work with Land O Lakes has emphasized the use of technology and redefined their dairy usage. These three women have been regarded as pioneers of the food industry and are driving their companies to a more successful future.

For Further Reading:

Read about Beth Ford’s rise to success in a CNN Money article here.

Discussion Question:

Are big corporations turning over their CEO positions to women because of a need to progress? Why or why not?

Action Item:

Start by purchasing food items from female-run companies to increase their profits and success.  

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