Founders of Giggle Knickers Bring Security for Women


After 25 years of friendship, Judith Balcazar and Anne Davidson joined forces to create a pair of underwear for women post bladder surgery. Balcazar, who recently had bladder surgery, felt that other women might share her insecurities and decided to create what are known as “Giggle Knickers” for women who experience post-surgery complications. The company focuses on environmentally friendly products, which Balcazar regarded as the basis for creating such a “knicker.” Many feminine hygiene products cause excess waste, and these two women hope that the creation of their product will help reduce women’s environmental footprint and increase their security in completing everyday tasks. Their once small government issued loan turned into a booming success after celebrities joined in on the conversation of incontinence, helping to uncoil the taboo of women’s hygiene products.

For Further Reading

To read more about the creator’s story, head over to their website here.


Discussion Question

What other companies are striving to normalize women’s hygiene? In what ways are they doing this?


Action Item

Purchase feminine hygiene products from female-run companies to help raise money and awareness for issues concerning women’s health.



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