FoundHer Festival: Female Entrepreneurs Reveal Career Essentials

At the AllBright’s FoundHer event in London, three female creators of health and wellness brands discussed the lessons they learned as they built their companies.  Nicola Elliot, one of the founders of Neom Organics, a natural beauty brand, explained the pros and cons of private equity funding vs. personal funding - discussing how quickly a business can get started when an entrepreneur prioritizes funding early on.  Founders of other brands including Frame, a business that focuses on fitness classes, and FaceGym, a non-invasive facial workout business, consider businesses as works-in-progress and deliberate on the constant learning curve that comes with a start-up. The female creators also go in depth, covering the administration and operations side of entrepreneurship.

Read more on CNBC Image: Matthew Whiteley, Courtesy of AllBright

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