Francisca Valenzuela: Get to Know The Latest Feminst Latinx Pop Artist


Ever heard of an artist that writes her own music, releases it on her own label, and manages a feminist Latinx collective all while managing to respond to her own emails? That’s Chilean pop artist-activist, Francisca Valenzuela. Although Francisca has a small team to help her, she insists that she likes to have her “fingerprints all over everything.” Francisca believes in writing candidly about her experiences, and as a result, directed and produced both of her music videos. Francisca explains, “For me, it was very personal in the sense that a while after a relationship I had, I was like, wow, that was a pretty toxic relationship that really made me feel bad about myself. All these things that really were pretty embedded in my way of thinking — it took me a minute to understand that it had to do with someone else and that I could feel better, and grow up, and understand what happened.”

For Further Reading

Check out Ruidosa, Francisca’s feminist Latinx collective.

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What is your “feminist anthem”?


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Watch some of Francisca’s latest music videos here.


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