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Free Speech Over Woman's Health

Free Speech Over Woman's Health

"Fake Clinics" Reign Superior in Supreme Court

When it comes to health, access to factual and reliable information is a must. Pregnancy clinics, when not monitored, may brand themselves as a pro-choice, fact-providing organization, but, in reality, may be a pro-life scheme in disguise. In addition to bullying language often encountered, clinics like these have been known to distort imagery and facts to persuade visitors to go against terminating a pregnancy.  This week, the Supreme Court decided that it cannot regulate this activity due to free speech, meaning millions of women, especially those in rural or low-income areas, lack truthful information.

Image:  Andrew Harnik / AP

Cafe Fosters Community of Young Professionals of Color

Two black women speak about the intentions behind their jointly owned cafe, Sip & Sonder.  Empowering others and creating a safe space for connection is at the top of their list, while at the same time supporting and partnering with other businesses owned by people of color.  They also aim to make the space a reflection of the community around them.

Image: Sip and Sonder

Women-Friendly Spaces for Rohingya refugees

About nineteen Women-Friendly Spaces (WFS), also called women’s safe spaces serve hundreds of thousands of Rohingya women and girls fleeing Myanmar.  The UN agencies provide health care and counseling, as well as support for survivors of violence.  These centers are under threat, however, from the coming monsoon season, and workers fear that the storms will prevent women from seeking their services.

Image: UNFPA Bangladesh/Allison Joyce

App Helps Women Avoid Alzheimer's

BrainHQ and journalist Maria Shiver have collaborated to build a version of BrainHQ to foster female brain health. Alzheimer's disease looms in many families and particularly targets women. Though there is no cure, researchers have found that "brain games" such as crossword puzzles and word searches mitigate the risk of the disease. The app contains fun games, easy lifestyle changes, and other brain exercises that benefit both a woman's cognition and mood.

Image: Maria Shriver And BrainHQ Launch App Version

Community Trains Future Female Firefighters

Even volunteer positions in small towns and communities can be male-dominated.  With the aim of parity for Columbus’s firefighters, the department is hosting its first “Women’s Get Fire Ready Orientation” on Saturday, July 7, at the Columbus Fire Training Academy.  Women firefighters will educate trainees about the physical and mental components of the job, encouraging them to join the community’s ranks.

Image: Jodi Miller

 Overtime Hours Heighten Chance of Diabetes

Researchers at the Institute of Work and Health in Toronto found that woman were more at risk for Type II diabetes if they are often working overtime. Woman who worked 45 hours or more, compared to woman who worked 30-40 hours a week, showcased these results. The study lasted for 12 years and took into account BMI, physical activity, and smoking habits. Contrarily, men who worked less hours were at an increased risk of developing diabetes. 

Image: Photo by Kate on Unsplash

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