Fundraising Event Celebrates Women Serving Their Community


WomenSource, a non-profit organization in Gainesville County, Georgia, hosted its 11th annual fundraiser on September 11 to honor women who serve their local community. The event, Power of the Purse, not only celebrates outstanding women but raises money for the non-profit to continue its important educational work to empower women and girls. The organization also sees the event as a prime opportunity to draw attention to strong female role models in the community. The selected women, who all walked the runway in outfits from local businesses, ranged from business owners to teachers to police investigators. In recognizing exceptional women in their community, WomenSource both rewarded past community efforts and encouraged future ones, knitting together women from all walks of life.

For Further Reading:

Find out more about the work WomenSource does at its website.

Discussion Question:

Who is a key role model for you in your community?


Action Item:

Have your own mini Power of the Purse event by telling someone who you value in your life or community what makes them special.



Read more on the Gainesville Times | Image: Austin Steele