‘Gassing’ Is The Best Way To Bond More With Your Female Friends


In a world where engaging in feminist discourse can sometimes be wearing, it is always important to keep in mind how to stay happy and close with your female friends. Female networks are vital to staying happy and healthy. With this in mind, ‘gassing’ is a great way of sending positive energy someone else’s way. Whether it’s encouraging a friend at work or just a random reminder of how incredible they are, it can act as a great boost to both their confidence and your relationship with each other. Boosting up other women around you will not only cement better relationships, but help foster a better community of women all around, as more and more women support each other positively.

For Further Reading

Read more of author Lea Rose Emery’s work here.

Discussion Question

Do you think that female friendships are important for the advance of feminism?


Action Item

When was the last time you took the time to actively boost a friend? Message someone close to you now and tell them something you value in them—it will not only give them a confidence boost, but make you feel closer to them as well.

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