Gender Parity in Ethiopian Government


In uplifting news, Ethiopia’s prime minister declared that their ministry is now 50% female, meaning that half of the government is made up of female politicians. This is a drastic push for gender equality in their government, which has the second largest population in all of Africa. This push is due in large part to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has spent countless months making progressive action within the country. The new cabinet, also known as the Ministry of Peace, is included women for the first time in the country's history. Dubbed as one of the most important ministries in the country, this sudden push for gender parity could have significant effects on the country’s outtake on society.


Where do you see Ethiopia evolving into feminism over the next few years?

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Action Item

Find three men that are not feminist and ask for their opinion on the topic. Try to encourage them to embrace feminism as a branch of equality.

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