Gender Sensitization Course Aims to Reduce Sexual Violence in Bengaluru


A unique eight-week course has been developed at Baduku Community College to teach men how to contribute to a gender-equal society. The course covers everything from interacting with women to supporting them in getting equal footing, as well as cooking, cleaning, and looking after children. These skills are almost always left to women in traditional Indian societies, so addressing this domestic inequality is a first step for women taking an equal place in their communities. Furthermore, in taking on stereotypically female roles, the first 13 participants were also encouraged to engage in urgent conversations about gender, especially in the wake of the Indian #MeToo movement. In future, the principal of the college, Murali Mohan Kati, wants to include women in the program, as they are conditioned by the patriarchal system they live in just as much as the men. While courses such as these may seem extreme to some, they are evidence of true desire for change and a targeted effort to create more equal communities.


Should courses like this be spread to other cities and countries? Would you take part in one?

Further Reading

Find out more about Baduku Community College and their work creating meaningful livelihoods for young people on their website.

Action Item

Speak to a male friend or relative about how he perceives women - many men never get the opportunity to discuss their image of society, and so never gain perspective on what could be changed for the better.

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