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Gif Mood Boards: Self Love Edition

Gif Mood Boards: Self Love Edition


I’m sure (I hope?) I am not the only one who stuck post-its and cards to their mirror. I also believe that I am not the only one who does not always love their reflection in the mirror.

I would often cut up magazines, scouring their pages for positivity to stick into my mirror as a reminder to love myself, despite how I feel about what I saw. As I matured and social media took over, Instagram became a new place to find content. I’ve taken efforts to curate my feed so it is flooded with self-love reminders because the camera, like the mirror, can be a positivity vampire too.

We all tag our friends in fun gifs or smirk at how #relatable they are. A self-love gif mood board is the modern-day reminder to smile instead of scowl when you see your reflection. Save this to your Instagram collections and tag your friends to spread the message of real beauty.

Want to make your own gif mood board? Here’s how.

  1. Find Gifs Under a Common Theme

Decide the theme of your mood board. Think of it as curating clips that should be intended to inspire you. About 10-15 gifs are ideal for a mood board. You can find gifs on websites like Giphy, Tumblr, through Google Images. Make sure you save the gifs as a .gif file so that they have the continuous motion effect.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 4.58.48 PM.png

2. Turn the Gifs into .mov or .mp4 files

In order to make sure the gifs continue to move when you put them into the collage, you will have to record the gifs. You can do this by saving the gifs to your camera roll. Go to each individual gif and record it playing with a screen recording app. I usually use an app called Record It! Repeat for all of the gifs you’d like to use.


3. Use an App to Put Them in a Collage

Once you have all of the gifs recorded, you will combine them to create the collage. To do so, download a picture and movie collage app. I usually use the app PhotoGrid. On PhotoGrid, select the Grid option and choose 2-4 of the recorded gifs you would like to use. Hit next and choose layout on the bottom left. This will allow you to choose different layouts and resize how the gifs appear. You can zoom in and out on each individually recorded gif to ensure it fits the entire gif. I like having the white space around each gif because it makes each one stand out. Once you have arranged them how you like, save the file to your camera roll. This is a “mini-collage.”

animated 2.GIF

4. Complete the Process

Repeat this process so each gif is in a mini-collage with 2-3 other gifs. Now, you can combine all of these files to create the entire mood board. Again, choose  ‘grid’ and then select all of the mini-collages you made. Resize and change the layout as necessary and then save the final product to your camera roll.

Almost done! Go to (or use their app) and upload your final product. Save it as a .gif file. This will ensure the gif auto-plays on repeat.

animated 3.GIF

5. Share on Social

And don’t forget to tag @makemuse!


By Maura Sheedy

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