Girl Scouts Take Up Construction Workshops


Girl scouts in Connecticut are engaging in various workshops showcasing different kinds of construction or development jobs after high school graduation. Building trades in the state are working to include women in the construction industry by exposing young girls in girl scout organizations to electric work, metal cutting, and carpentry. The event was initially reserved for boy scout troops, but with the female representation in these occupations at only 3.2 percent, the state decided to open the workshop to local girl scout troops. The troops are exposed to different tasks required from the jobs, and also provides virtual simulations for more hazardous tasks like crane use. Young girls remarked that the workshop was empowering because they were able to meet with women in the job.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

What other initiatives could girl scouts troops take to incorporate unique job exposure to their members?

Action Item:

Support your local girl scout troops by ordering cookies from their organization to help fund their diversity and inclusion efforts around the country.

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