Girl Talk

Often misrepresented by media and culture at large, girls face scrutiny based on the superficial and canned versions of girlhood presented in movies, TV, etc. “Girl Talk” is a series of illustrations that provide a more accurate glimpse into the mythologized Girl World through illustrations paired with personal text threads.

Illustrator: Mary Sutton.

A 17 year old coffee addict, Mary can be found in bed with a cup of coffee, watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she self-identifies as a city girl and plans to join the University of Pittsburgh class of 2022 in the fall. In addition to rom-coms, she enjoys drawing, her Prius, and early 2000's pop music. Growing up in a male dominated environment, Mary is passionate about the gender issues that permeate all aspects of society and hopes to contribute to the conversation, especially through art.