Girlgaze Has Partnered With Nike To Promote Women Photographers


Nike has partnered with the global network aimed at highlighting women creatives, Girlgaze,  on their latest Air Force 1 sneakers launch. The campaign is shot by eight female-identifying Girlgaze photographers capturing images of Nike’s Unsung Heroes. The creatives chosen are all using their art to promote inclusivity in a world that is often dominated by males. With sneaker culture being called out for misogyny in the past, the Girlgaze creatives are ready to make their mark in the community through these images.

For Further Reading

To look through all of the Girlgaze x Nike campaign photographs, visit Elle.


Discussion Question

What is a community that you or someone you know is a part of that is non-inclusive? Has there been any progress in combating the exclusivity?


Action Item

Dive into something you have always been interested, but felt unrepresented in. Find a way to make your voice heard—through art, photography, song, etc.

Read more on Complex | Image: Heather Hazzan, Girlgaze for Nike.