Girlguiding Researches the Dramatic Drop in Girls’ Happiness


Girls’ levels of happiness have dramatically declined in the past ten years. Research done by the U.K.-based organization Girlguiding has revealed that only a quarter of young women, between the ages of seven and twenty-one, would consider themselves happy. The findings have been linked to an increased fixation on social media, with 59 percent of the girls interviewed indicating it as the main cause of stress in their lives. Exams and school were also found to be taking a toll on young women’s mental health. These recent findings call for a deeper commitment from schools and social media to preserve young girl’s mental health and improve their lives.

For Further Reading:

Girlguiding is a great U.K.-based charity organization that empowers and helps girls navigate through life. You can check out their work and their mission here.

Discussion Question:

Have you ever felt that exams and your school environment have affected your mental health? If so, what are some things you can do to relieve stress?


Action Item:

Take a moment to check in with yourself and try out different relaxation techniques. This website or this one are good places to start.



Read more on The Independent | Image: Vin Stratton for Unsplash