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Good, I did. For me.

Good, I Did, For Me.png

I’ve sat in the middle of my heart

for two weeks now.

Safely locked in by the keys

of my anxious nature,

Bouncing along that dimly

painted pink chamber,

discovering chipped spots

where scotch-taped pictures

of what I wanted to happen

were ripped away.

At nine pm three days ago

I lost track of moments and

found myself, lost in the

image of Julia driving me

down the 408 expressway,

lanes soaked with the

reflection of a blackberry

colored universe.

Have I gone insane stuck in here? Maybe.

I saw

my friends

swimming in a soda pop lake,

carbonating happiness with giggles.

I rolled around in

the sponge-y pink carpeting

and pushed out the sound

of my mother’s laugh and

the smell of magnolia trees.

Time here,

Reveals them.

Their musky aftershave,

strength as tactile as

cotton candy.

I see him.

I see you.

Your ghosts are here,

I promise, I met them.

They aren’t the people

you want them to be.

They sway in a

perpetual darkness

to the melody of that song

you showed me, creating

shadows in the corners

I haven’t filled up yet.

You both asked me how I’ve been,


if I ever made it to where I wanted to go,

I did.

why I left with such certainty.

For me.

My heart smiled,

you could see it in my face.


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