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Hair Clips that Aren’t the Pearl Barrettes Everywhere on Insta

Hair Clips that Aren’t the Pearl Barrettes Everywhere on Insta

Hair Clips that Aren’t the Pearl Barrettes Everywhere on Insta.png

Nothing characterizes elementary school better than the great hair accessories I embellished myself with. As a child whose parents did not care at all what I wore, I was decked out in either a dance costume, swimsuit, or pajamas pretty much at all times during my first six years of life. Obviously- to complete this #trendsetting look- I layered on multiple hair accessories to ensure I looked my best. Glittery barrettes, headbands with floppy bows, scrunchies, butterfly clips, colored faux hair, and princess tiaras regularly an extra dimension to  my unbrushed hair. In fact, I typically wore some kind of headband until I was about 12, given that I wore a uniform to school and hair was my only way to ~express myself~ at school. As I got older, I decided that I had grown out of wearing hair clips- until I recently purchased the pearl barrette that every. single. person. seems to currently own. I cannot say that I’m displeased to get back to my roots and done a hair accessory again. Barrettes are kind of awesome.

Hair clips have gone through a mini-renaissance in 2019 with the rise of the illustrious pearl hair clip. I’m sure you’ve seen it- the white barrette or enlarged clip that’s covered in white pearls. You can virtually get these on any corner of the internet and everyone (myself included) has jumped on the trend since it’s priced for those on a budget cost-effective, complements almost any outfit, and is surprisingly functional- it keeps the hair out of your face!

I hope the clip trend is here to stay, but a bit of variety (and individuality) is needed within the clip world at the moment. Enjoy this assemblage of these worldwide hair accessories brands to shop from or to save to your Pinterest board for inspiration.

Girl With Pearls

A personal favorite, Girl With Pearls makes hair accessories and jewelry that look like an elevated version of an elementary school art class. The designer uses plastic beads, the UBIQUITOUS star beads, letter beads, and seed beads to create one-of-a-kind looks. If you’re a fan of Susan Alexandra bags, Girl With Pearls could be compared as the hair version. If you like a dash of art history mixed with meme culture coupled with hair accessories (maybe a bit of a specific person, sorry), you’ll LOVE their Instagram- they photoshop their clips onto paintings and it’s the kind of content that I am absolutely here for.


If you have dreams of wearing plastic squiggle clips and freckled hair clasps, Chunks has you covered. Their brightly covered hair accessories make a statement of their own as the focal point of a look, but also can complement an outfit that deserves the majority of the spotlight. If you’re one of those people who can rock wearing multiple clips at once (I currently aspire to be that cool), I highly suggest that you deck yourself out in as many of these as you can for an avant-garde look.


If you like simple clips with a *twist,* Kanel is your go-to. They take minimalist clips and sell them in creative colors and interesting shapes. Most are also bedazzled, which takes me back to my childhood- did anyone else want (and never received) a bedazzler more than anything?! And yes, you can find the ubiquitous pearl hair clip here, too. If it’s a bad hair day, they also sell bedazzled bucket hats (which I think might be one of the best things ever created).


Suiava could satisfy any kind of hair accessory wearer with its offering. You can find chunky word clips, simple beaded barrettes, or even ornament-like girl in your hair (everyone on their Instagram tagged wearing it looks so cool in this one!). I could easily find a different clip for every day of the week on their website- they have so many options. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, this is it!


If you’re a fan of fashion-blog-turned-media-empire Man Repeller, I’m sure you’ve heard the news that they recently debuted their own line of accessories under the name of Repeller. Whether you read their content or not (though I highly suggest that you should), any clip lover will adore their hair accessories. You can shop this REPELLER clip and other fun hair pieces, like a big bow or a bandana, on their gorgeous website.

Hair Clips CPH

These beautiful clips from Hair Clips CPH revolve around different themes- currently, you can shop “sea-themed” clips, which are perfect for summer. Right now, they have shell-shaped clips and seaweed-shaped clips, all in blues, greens, and browns and garnished with complement-colored gems. Side note: this brand is one of two highlighted in this list based in Copenhagen, where apparently clips are REALLY having a moment.

Paradise Persona

Silver and straight to the point, shop simple metallic bobby pins adorned with sayings like “fake” “moon child,” and “persona” from Paradise Persona. To quote Mean Girls, “your hair could be full of secrets,” but it doesn’t have to be with these tell-tale statement clips. Maybe you can even write a poem with custom conversation clips in your hair!!

If you’re like me, you’re hoping that the clip trend is here to stay. Here’s to hair accessories!

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