Halloween Costumes to Rock with Natural Hair


Some people put in months of planning and tons of cash to pull of their Halloween costumes, while some settle on popping on a wig and following a makeup tutorial. With Halloween right around the corner, instead of shelling out money for a cheap Party City wig, there are a ton of pop culture costumes that put your natural hair on display. What’s fantastic about embracing your natural texture is that you can transform your hair into almost any style you please. So instead of straightening or hiding your hair this season, consider a costume that makes it the center of attention. If you’re wearing cornrows this fall, pair them with a big floppy hat and suddenly you’re Beyonce at the 2018 Grammys. Rocking micro braids right now? Don’t take them out for Halloween’s sake - instead, put them in a braided bun and you’re Princess Shuri from Black Panther. Or maybe if you wear a fade haircut normally, get some metallic hair paint and mimic Danai Gurira at the 2018 Oscars.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

A lot of times, mainstream media and societal expectations force girls to conform, often through the means of their hair. Consider how you style your hair. What kind of thought did you put into that choice? Is there a way you would rather wear your hair, and what is or isn’t keeping you from that? Discuss.

Action Item

To all of our POC viewers, if you were going to straighten or hide your hair this holiday, more power to you, but are you doing it because you actually want to? Would you rather wear your natural hair proudly? Consider your intentions and make sure, even though you’re dressing up, you’re going to be comfortable and not cause any long term damage for one night! To all of our non-POC readers: reminder to be aware that cultural appropriate is not okay in a costume, and to respect other people’s cultures.

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