Hannah Michelle Provisor’s Illustrations Tackling Sexual Harassment


After the 2016 election results, Hannah Michelle Provisor posted an illustration of a young women with the words “I am a powerful woman.” This led her to create a platform for women to share their stories of sexual harassment. The project titled “Cats Calling Back” depicts illustrations with narratives provided by the victims. By putting the series out on Instagram, the work shares the horrors and realities that many women face in today’s world.

For Further Reading

Look through Provisor’s Instagram page to see the illustrations from “Cats Calling Back.”


Discussion Question

Have you ever used a creative outlet to express an experience or emotion that you went through? What were the results?


Action Item

Put a personal piece of your work (can be anything from a sketch to a poem) on social media. See if anyone else can relate to the piece and what they have to say.


Read more on Huffington Post | Image: Hannah Provisor