Hannah Starkey Captures What Being A Women Means in Everyday Life


Hannah Starkey has been photographing the daily experiences of women for over 20 years, capturing the truthful nature of what being a woman means in everyday life. Her work blurs the lines between photo documentary, artistry, and social commentary on topics all related to the female experience. Starkey looks at how woman occupy the world in a place free of male influence where there are moments of self reflection, as well as the social interaction women experience. Through her work, she finds the artistic truth and the psychology behind women in art.

For Further Reading

A book compiled of Hannah Starkey’s work from the past two decades is now for sale. To view her work online, visit her profile on Artnet.


Discussion Question

Even when you see women as the focus in pictures, how often is it that the photo was taken by a male photographer? Does this disrupt the truth behind what real experiences as women are truly like and give a false narrative?

Action Item

Look through a magazine that you have at home or anywhere where magazines are distributed. Look at who is taking the pictures of women in these magazines. Is it mostly men? How would these certain images look different if they were shot by a fellow woman?

Read more on The Guardian| Image: © Hannah Starkey