Hetero Couples Open Up On Challenging Breadwinner Stereotypes


All four of the couples interviewed are heterosexual and all four of the women earn more than their male partners. This contradicts the common stereotype that men are the main earner of the household. Yet with equal opportunity becoming increasingly valued in companies across the world - although the fight for equal pay is still ongoing, particularly for WOC or other minorities - the traditional hetero image is slowly crumbling. These couples open up on the effects it has on their relationship, both positive and negative. The importance for equal pay and for women to feel comfortable in earning more cannot be understated. With increasing visibility for couples such as these, hopefully, this will build more confidence in women across society and lead to more equal finances in future relationships, allowing women to succeed to the best of their ability, rather than stopping just short of their male partners.

Discussion Question

How might shifting breadwinner stereotypes also affect traditional family stereotypes?

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