High Rates of Sexual Harassment in Medical Field


A recent survey has revealed that the medical field, when compared to other scientific fields, has the highest rate of gender and sexual harassment. High numbers of female physicians and medical students report being sexually harassed. Healthcare organizations need to address the severity of the problem, promote a firm commitment to a safe environment, and offer resources for women who have experienced harassment. The psychological consequences of gender-based harassment on medical practitioners not only can affect their day-to-day life but can also threaten the quality of patient care. The medical field needs to take action against its sexist practices, as it’s been found to mistrust its female patients and leave its female practitioners vulnerable to harassment.

For Further Reading:

As many as half of female medical students report being sexually harassed. If you want to know more about sexual harassment in academic medical settings check out this study published by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Discussion Question:

Why do you think women pursuing medical careers suffer such high rates of sexual harassment?


Action Item:

If you want to take action against sexual harassment in the medical field, you can check out this petition to remove sexual harassers from The National Academy of Sciences.


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