Burden of Office Housework Disproportionately Falls on Women


A new study conducted by Market Watch found that the distribution of small tasks around the office exacerbates the gender wage gap. In an interview, researchers found that women are more likely to be treated like interns or asked to do menial tasks when reporting to male authority figures. The research team also used an app called Hive that encouraged women to track their daily tasks and describe their workplace. This highlighted the study’s initial finding of women being left to do things like “grunt work” and “non-promotable” projects. For privacy, the app left off the names of the companies but assured researchers that the results show gender barriers in the workplace as a multifaceted issue. A number of women came forward after the results to share their own stories. One woman noted that it was an “unspoken” rule that she clean up after her male counterparts, even their own personal workstations, after other employees left work.

Action Item

Download Hive today to start tracking your workplace tasks and help the study continue!


Should this app be used by employers, CEOs, etc to track the tasks done by their employees? Why or why not?

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