How Angry Women Can Change The World


Although she lost the race for Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Cynthia Nixon never lost her resilience in the fight for justice. She was most notably known for her left-wing, progressive ideals that largely centered around essential issues for women. Some point to her anger as one of the things that illuminated her presence on the political stage. Passionate women have traditionally been stereotyped as angry and have been dismissed, but anger has recently assumed a more positive connotation, particularly in the wake of President Trump’s election. Many people have noticed a pattern of women who use their anger for good, which can help inspire others to follow in their paths.

For Further Reading:

To learn more about the psychology of why people tend to mistrust angry women, read about it here. Understanding the reasoning behind why people don’t always react well to angry women can be a small step in the right direction to progress.

Discussion Question:

If you had a megaphone in your hand and could complain about anything, what would it be?


Action Item:

If you’d like to learn more about an organization that uses its anger to complain about society, check out the Guerilla Girls. They’re a revolutionary organization that has been around for decades, and they constantly strive to bring out the anger in people in a positive way.  



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