Could Brexit Be A Feminist Issue?


In the wake of Brexit, many government officials have expressed their opinions on how the UK’s separation from the European Union will affect their respective countries or parties. However, a largely-affected voice that hasn’t received enough attention is the voice of women, as Brexit will have a tremendous impact on the lives of English women. Brexit could further increase the gender-pay gap, threaten women’s workplace rights, and negatively impact healthcare for women drastically. The absence of female voices in the conversation around Brexit could largely be due to underrepresentation in British parliament, where men dominate the ranks.

For Further Reading:

For more information on feminist issues in Europe, feel free to check out the European Women’s Lobby. This organization, based in Belgium, is the largest umbrella organization of women’s groups in Europe. They strive to bring women’s rights issues into the political discussion and encourage people to provoke change in Europe.  

Discussion Question:

What are some ways to bring attention to events that aren’t being broadcasted enough? Why is it important to consider all possible consequences of an issue, especially consequences for minorities or underrepresented groups, before taking drastic action?

Action Item:

Spread awareness about women’s rights in the United Kingdom via social media, protests, and even casual conversation.


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