How Breyona Holt is Inspiring Black Female Artists


Atlanta native Breyona Holt is an up-and-coming photographer producing stunning images of people of color through her personal aesthetic. She recalls knowing that photography was her calling from the first time she picked up a camera, leading her to her career path. Not only is she the founder of the brand Exquisite Eye, her work has also been featured in Vogue Italy and Paper Magazine. As a black female photographer, Holt inspires other young women of color to know there is a place for them in the art industry. Her mission is to bring as many African American women into photography with their stories and work being represented and heard.

For Further Reading:

Look through Holt’s portfolio to see her captivating images.

Discussion Question:

Holt knew photography was second nature to her from the beginning. Is there an activity or skill that felt completely natural to you from the start? If so, how have you continued and grown through that practice?

Action Item:

Follow Exquisite Eye on Instagram to stay updated on Holt’s work.


Read more on Rolling Out | Image: Image by Breyona Holt.