How Chloe Sheppard Captures the Real Beauty of Young Women


Going against the manipulated images that project an unattainable standard, photographer Chloe Sheppard looks to explore the raw nature of young women. Using film rather than digital, Sheppard does no airbrushing or editing to her photographs. A common theme in her photographs are the realities of what being a young woman is truly like in today’s world. Her work has a nostalgic atmosphere, with the subjects representing a friend or an acquaintance you might know. Sheppard’s main goal is to photograph the relatable; a theme that is often lost in the digital world.

For Further Reading:

View Chloe Sheppard’s portraits, polaroids, collages, and more in her portfolio.


Discussion Question:

When you see a photograph (on social media, magazine, etc) that is heavily edited to fit a specific beauty standard, how do you feel? On the other side, how do you feel when you see an image focusing on the real features of someone?

Action Item:

Take a picture of a friend on your phone or camera capturing their raw, natural selves. Ask them to take one of you as well and make your own series.


Read more on British Journal of Photography| Image: Charli. Berlin. © Chloe Sheppard