How Female Filmmakers Are Revolutionizing Indian Cinema


Women filmmakers in India like Meghna Gulzar, Rima Das, Anjali Menon, and Nandita Das are changing the role of women in Indian cinema. One of the filmmakers, Rima Das, says she “never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be making movies. I thought movies were to be watched, not made.” It was not until she discovered other women filmmakers that she realized this is something she could also do. She wants to create films that serve as a mirror for women; she wants women to watch films and see their common issues presented. These filmmakers address feminist themes in a casual manner by focusing on presenting stories as a woman’s instead of just using women as a secondary character to men.

Discussion Question

How can feminist themes be explored through film? What is your favorite feminist film?

Further Reading

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Action Item

Look for a feminist film from a country other than your own. Evaluate how each country portrays the subject.

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