How Podcasts Are Helping Women Find Their Voices


Even with the advancements being seen in the media industry, a great part of the industry is still dominated by white males. It is still difficult to find podcasts, especially, that meet the needs and interests of female listeners. In the last year, women made up only one-third of the host/co-hosts for Apple’s Top 100 podcasts. As a result of this clear disparity, major companies like Google and Spotify are looking to create boot camps for females in the podcast industry to foster participation. Alexandra Adey, head of podcasts partnerships in Britain for Spotify, urged, "It's really important for us to make sure we're amplifying the voices of people who wouldn't necessarily have their voices amplified. And to get new and fresh talent into the podcasting industry."  

For Further Reading

Check out some of the best female-led podcasts to help in your search for finding a female-led podcast.


Discussion Question

Do you have a favorite podcast? If you don’t, what are some topics you would like to hear on podcasts?


Action Item

Find a female-led podcast that matches your interests. You might be surprised at how informative they can be.


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