How the Trump Administration is Limiting Birth Control for Women


The Trump administration has been subtly using tactics to decrease women’s birth-control access. Recently, they’ve released a final notice for insurance providers to allow employers to opt out of health insurance that provides birth control to women. This mandate that not many citizens know about is part of a larger plan to reduce birth control access for women. This directly contradicts the contraceptive clause filed under the Affordable Care Act, which states that employers must offer birth control on their insurance plans. However, it states that religious organizations can opt out of this clause, which is how Trump has increased the number of companies that could opt out for supposedly religious purposes. Whatever the cause, this will hardly be the last time that the Trump administration tries to take away reproductive rights for women.

For Further Reading

Click here to read an article from Planned Parenthood that cited a CDC Study showing the importance of birth control in society.


Discussion Question

What are some alternative ways that women can get birth control if it becomes unavailable on insurance policies?


Action Item

Identify organizations in your community that are being affected by these microaggressions in the Trump administration and make a list of thing you can do to help.


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