How Women Have Affected The State of Welfare In America


The 19th Amendment to the U.S Constitution, which established voting rights for women in 1920, has certainly had a lasting effect on the political state of the U.S. Establishing this constitutional right for women resulted in increased government debt due to the progressive welfare policies that skyrocketed in the following decade. Much of this came from increased responsibility for women to handle childcare and social responsibility, and many speculate that this government assistance directly resulted from giving women the opportunity to showcase their voices in society. This short look into the history behind the 19th speaks volumes about how women would go on to change the political state of society, and be large contributors to the increase in progressive tax reforms.

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What is a recurring issue that you’ve dealt with as a women?


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Research issues that affected women a century ago, yet still continue to plague the state of gender affairs in the modern era.

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