U.K. Teachers are Combatting Sexism in the Classroom


The Guardian highlights four teachers in the U.K. who have made great strides to improve gender equality within their classrooms. Matt Pinkett, Caroline Ash, Mark Roberts, and Graham Andre have each uniquely integrated feminist and non-heteronormative rhetoric into their daily lectures. Among the issues tackled are sexist language in literature, gender neutrality in the classroom, and the #MeToo movement. At a glance, their classes do not directly relate to such topics, but these educators have encouraged feminist thought and rejected sexism by engaging in open dialogue with their students and connecting the subject material to wider world issues.


For Further Reading:

This article explores the problematic, sexist nature of some of the classic books that often appear in primary school English classes.


Discussion Question:

Reflect on your educational experience. Did your teachers ever discuss gender-based issues in the classroom, or were they unacknowledged?


Action Item:

If questions related to gender issues are not being addressed in class, ask them. Most, if not all, academic subjects can be tied to gender inequality in some way, so start the conversation!


Read more on The Guardian | Image: Jill Mead for the Guardian

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