How Writing Fan Fiction Helped this High Schooler Through Depression


In an autobiographical piece for Bustle, Laura Sebastian writes about her experience as an introverted high schooler who used fan fiction writing as a means to work through and better understand her depression. She says she became more comfortable discussing issues of mental health because so many others were expressing similar feelings on the internet through fan fiction and AIM chats. Laura explains, “writing fanfic gets a bad reputation, but I think it can be an incredibly helpful building block for writers.” As someone with few friends in her actual school, the online fan fiction community provided Laura with friends who helped her with her own insecurities and in turn improved her confidence in the real world. She says her experience also contributed to her motivation to publish her first book.

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Discussion Question

Have you read or written fan fiction before? How did it affect you?


Action Item

Take a look at Laura Sebastian’s website and her first book, Ash Princess.


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