Human Rights Watch and the Discrimination of Trans Women in Healthcare


A recent report compiled by the nonprofit Human Rights Watch has found that trans women in South Florida are systematically excluded from HIV prevention practices. As Florida has third-highest rate of new HIV infections, trans women’s health is in danger. The 125 trans women living in South Florida interviewed by the organization reported being constantly neglected, ridiculed, and misgendered in the medical environment. A widespread mistrust, paired with a lack of hormone therapy HIV medication, prevents trans women from seeking medical assistance. The Human Rights Watch report also found a lack of inclusivity in Florida’s most recent report on the HIV epidemic, as it was limited to the gender binary and included little data on transgender folks.  The organization called for a federal and statewide action for a more trans-inclusive approach to HIV prevention and care.

For Further Reading

To learn more about the findings of  the Human Rights Watch report you can check out the organization’s website here.


Discussion Question

Do you think medical practitioners should receive a specific training to better care for trans patients?


Action Item

If you want to make a difference in support of trans women’s health, you can get involved with The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health here.


Read more on Miami New Times | Image: Human Rights Watch