Humza Mian Talks Being a Drag Queen in South Asia


28-year-old Humza Mian isn’t just a veterinary technician—he’s also a drag queen and social media influencer whose feeds are both a celebration of his South Asian heritage and of his individuality. His drag name, MangHoe Lassi, pays homage to a popular drink in India. Growing up in a religious family, Mian was taught to hide any traces of femininity, and he still isn’t out to his parents. While he wishes he could be, the reality is that coming out still is not a safe option for many people across the world. Even though laws are changing and promoting acceptance of more and more people, the social implications of such a decision can be incredibly dangerous. Mian wishes that media represented those queer folk who are proud of their identity but still have to remain closeted, unlike the many out-loud-and-proud shows like Queer Eye and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Despite this, he is happy his drag, makeup tutorials, and social media presence as a beauty influencer can create a safe space for him to be fully himself, and he hopes he can create that space for others with similar experiences.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

Often, the lack of acknowledgement of our own privilege leaves us totally naive regarding the struggles others face around the world. Consider what privileges you hold—for example, are you white? Male? Have a steady family and income? Queer and out? Consider how those identities make your life easier.


Action Item:

Many beauty influencers are living their best lives, queer and out both online and in their real lives. Many queer people, though, don’t have that opportunity, or are disowned by their families upon coming out. The organization, True Colors Fund, takes donations for LGBT folk who experience homelessness after coming out. If you want to donate, click here.


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