I am a Woman!

I am a woman!



For the first time today as I awoke 

And saw myself bare in the mirror 

I smiled

at my reflection 

I am a woman! 


I am bumps and dots and scars 

Stretch marks and stars


I am that strangely shaped birthmark 

And that stubborn bit of fat 

My mother insists is baby fat 

That's been steadfast my 21 years 

I am IV scars and lancet callouses


I am that little knot of scar tissue from 

Giving insulin injections in the same spot

One too many times 


I am that persistent bruise on my thigh

From running into the coffee table every morning 

Because I am clumsy 



I am the careful amalgamation of imperfections

That carefully our Creator stitched together 

To give me my body


And though I am far from perfect

I am near to beautiful

Author: Chloe Walden