"I Can Feel": The Neon Sculpture Exploring The Orgasm


For this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, artist Suzy Kellems Dominik explores the physical and psychological emotions involved in the orgasm through I Can Feel. The twelve foot tall neon sculpture and light show depicts anatomical elements (which flashes on a 27.68 second loop) with fireworks and a ribbon setting off around it. The work explores reclaiming one’s body and discovering how our physical selves react with our feelings. Dominik aims at opening a discussion around the #MeToo movement through her sculpture as well. While it does resonate with many on a personal level, the work also sheds light on sexual harassment and inequality still prevalent in today’s world.

For Further Reading

Watch a this short video of Suzy Kellems Dominik explaining the process and creation of I Can Feel.


Discussion Question

How do artworks depicting something literal make you feel? Do you see the literal first (in this case, the orgasm) or do you see something deeper (standing against sexual harassment)?


Action Item

Dominik mentions that this work came into her head at a very specific moment, making this a self portrait. Think of a time when creativity sparked in your head at a particular time. How did you interpret it? What was it that you created?

Read more on Observer | Image: Suzy Kellems Dominik, I Can Feel, 2017.