“I Don’t Want to Be Skinny - I Want to Be Healthy”


Jordyn Woods, best friend of Kylie Jenner, has always been a curvy girl. Growing up, she ascribed to the stereotypical “tomboy” style because the stores that her friends shopped at didn’t carry clothes that fit her nicely. But now, as a plus size model, Woods is creating an active line of clothes in a wide range of sizes she wishes she had access to when she was younger, and has cultivated a large fanbase through her body positive efforts. In the past year though, Woods lost her father and turned to fitness as a form of therapy, but she received backlash from many of her fans in response. Comments filled her posts from fans who no longer support her now that she has lost weight, and accuse her of not being body positive anymore, and of “getting too skinny.” Finally, Woods spoke out. “Working out doesn’t mean I’m not happy with my appearance, it just helps me get through things that are deeper than what’s on the outside,” she says, “‘Skinny’ has never been my goal. My ultimate goal is health.”

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

What are some other ways we can change the language of our compliments to be mindful of things like eating disorders, mental health, and body positivity?


Action Item:

Body positivity means accepting bodies of every size - but also accepting bodies if they want to be healthier versions of themselves. Next time you find yourself going to pay a compliment like, “You look so skinny!”, try instead to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes losing weight isn’t healthy. Does this person actually look happier or just smaller? Try to get to the root of the change without focusing on the stereotypical ideal of the “skinny” body.



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