#IAmMany: Designer Proves Fashion is a Shared Community


Designer Rebecca Minkoff broke New York Fashion Week (NYFW) tradition by replacing the standard runway show with her own creative twist. She released a collection of ten one-minute videos, all featuring a different women wearing Minkoff’s designs. The subjects ranged from businesswomen to students, but all represented the brand’s core values: women using their voices to advocate for what they believe in. The slogan ‘I Am Many’ ties the brand together and is even featured on some of the products. In using such a high-profile platform to amplify women’s voices and showing a united front of empowered women, Minkoff proves that fashion can be a shared community between women of all ages, races, and careers.

For Further Reading:

Take a look at some of the videos to get some inspiration from the empowered women Minkoff chose.

Discussion Question:

Do you find it easy to identify with communities made up of people you don’t know personally?


Action Item:

Share the story of what you believe in on social media with #IAmMany to become a part of the movement and use your voice for positive change.



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