Ice Maidens and the Scientific Proof that Women Are Not the Weaker Sex


A study presented at the Society for Endocrinology found that in extreme conditions and under the right training, women are not more vulnerable to health problems than men. The research was conducted in Antarctica, and involved a group of six British female soldiers, dubbed the Ice Maidens. The team trekked through Antarctica for 62 days carrying a load of 80kg of equipment. A team of doctors routinely analyzed the women’s health, focusing on stress levels, body weight, reproductive and metabolic hormone levels and bone strength, and found no significant changes that indicated a worsening in their overall wellness. The study scientifically proves that women are more resilient to extreme physical activity than previously reported, debunking the myth that women are the “weaker sex.”

For Further Reading

If you want to read more about the report compiled by the Society of Endocrinology, you can check out this website.


Discussion Question

What effect can the myth that women are weaker than men have on young girls?


Action Item

To support women in sport and physically demanding jobs, you can check out the Women In Sport Foundation and find ways to get involved here.


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