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I’m 21-Years-Old and I Just Got Bangs. Here’s Why.

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Author’s Note: A month ago, I made the decision to get bangs just a week before my 21st birthday. I’ve always strived to be ‘older,” “cooler,” and ‘wiser,” and this felt like the first time I did something with the intention of seeming younger rather than older. I went back to the style I had in kindergarten at an age where I was granted all of the privileges of adulthood. This haircut feels rejuvenating- I love the bangs and the youthfulness they represent. This poem is a response to this juxtaposition between youth and adulthood that they represent to me.


I got bangs just like my 6-year-old self displayed on picture day

My sister once told me that you don’t need bangs

You just need therapy

I thought I’d be grown up by now.

I paste a quote I read from a book on my wall:

“We are crayons and lunchboxes

and swinging so high

our sneakers punch holes in the clouds”

I play dress up

mixing and matching everything I have in my closet

in hopes of finding an Instagram-perfect-but-I’m-also-not-really-trying style

I play make-believe

with friends

with relationships

and with careers

My driver's license turns

from horizontal to vertical.

I refill my bus card.

I drank the water in the vodka bottles

I had filled up

when I was 16.

I need a dose

Of my past

Of girlhood

Of childlike wonder

Because birthdays after 21 only make you want to be younger.

By Maura Sheedy

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