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In Defence of Fantasies


Growing up raised mostly by my Ahma (Grandma) instilled me in habits and virtues that are hard to break. While as independent she is since my Ah Gong (Grandpa) has passed, she was a traditionalist and have a few ideas of how a woman should behave and carry herself - you wouldn't believe her reaction to my tattoo! Things like how I sit with a skirt/dress - let alone a qipao on was lecture-worthy. How my makeup shouldn't be too dramatic but still covering up my imperfections were also influenced by how society perceived me. How a woman shouldn't be drinking too much - let alone hard liquor since way back during Imperial China. According to some sources, women were supposed to be kept away from drinking. I wanted to put it into my work, reflecting how culture and imagination plays a part it all of these thoughts. In a way, it was taking back what's mine and reimagining it. I thought it was interesting to explore as a Singaporean-Chinese who has little to no roots to touch on China because my family has long migrated to Singapore way before my Grandma's time. In a way, we are detached because we always identified as Singaporeans.

In Defence of Fantasies

By Hazel Sim.



Womanhood and the Woman Who Taught Me How to Do it