Increased Declaration of Gender Non-Binary Students in the United Kingdom


According to new research conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, an increasing number of young students are identifying as gender non-binary individuals. For example, the number of students who declared their gender as “other” on school forms has doubled in the past year. Additionally, some students claim that their identities have become more accepted in their school environments. One transgender teenager named George reflects, “At school I’m not really treated any differently for being trans. Most people just stopped caring.” The trend has also been embraced by university staff. Anthony Grayling of the New College of Humanities in London expressed his support, saying that young people “should be completely free” to explore their personal identity in a school atmosphere.

Action Item

Take a look at this gender neutral makeup brand called Fluide that is donating 5% of its profits to LGBTQ charities.


Have you noticed a change in your school or work environment in terms of how transgender or non-binary individuals are treated?

Further Reading

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